Entry Form

Entries will be accepted from April 1 to July 7.

For more detailed information about your entry, go to the Enter Your Garden page.

Contact fields are required. Your contact information will not be sold or given to any organization. It is for internal CEGA use only. Applications without an email address or phone number will not be accepted.

Note: We define a community garden as a shared green space that is planned, designed and maintained by community members. We define an urban farm as a production-oriented space that includes commercial activity or community distribution.

Tell us the story of your garden. What obstacles have you overcome to build the garden. Describe the garden (formal, naturalistic, food production, etc.). How long have you tended this garden, and who tends it with you (neighbors, students, professional landscapers, etc.)? Explain how your garden employs sustainable practices (native plants, water conservation, natural pest management, small turf-grass footprint, etc.). What makes your garden special (special needs, art elements, builds community, etc.)? Please be thorough as this description will be used when judging your garden.

Please upload two images of your garden.

We need to know what you want to appear on your award if you win. For example:
Mary and John Smith
1234 W. North Avenue

Smith Elementary School
789 Garden Drive

Green on McLean Community Garden
1234 W. Garden Heaven

If you have any concerns about whether your entry form has been accepted, please write us at info@chicagogardeningawards.org or send us a message on our facebook page.